Decking installation and maintenance

Do you need new decking installed?

Our team will install outdoor decking to suit any variety of design or layout, whether as a new feature or to replace existing decks or patios. We will clear and prepare the area before constructing solid and reliable foundations for your chosen decking and fix with discrete purpose madedeck screws. We can also custom build other items like planters, bin and garden storage/covers and sheds to complete the look.

Examples of decking and build process

Do you need existing decking cleaned and stained?

It is important that decking is cleaned and treated regularly, not only to maintain a vibrant look, but also to protect the wood from weathering and rot. The photos below show the difference it makes.

You can see further examples of our decking installations and renovations in the gallery. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss a project or have any questions.

Our pride in your garden

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Our other services include: 
Turfed lawns
Fencing and trellis
Garden clearance
Garden maintenance 
and improvement

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